Save Money
Decrease overhead and support costs – offer help and answer questions online immediately, efficiently and cost-effectively
Make a Connection
Website visitors looking for emotional assistance are much more likely to click on a “Live Chat” button than they are to pick up the phone
Supportive Marketing
Pay-per-click and keyword analysis – spend your marketing dollars on the words and phrases bringing people in need to your site
Instant Messaging
Allow all of your support staff to work cooperatively, as a team, to assist those in need.

We have a solution that will work for you

Your website streams information, applications, and registration for current and prospective students. You have streamlined the paperwork, but now do the same for you website's online communications with SiteMax Live Chat.

Whether an individual or service veteran trying to cope, dealing with loss, depression, abuse or stress it is of the utmost urgency that you can reach out and help with their conflict. When people are in trouble they need to know help is there at a moment’s notice.

SightMax Live Chat provides your clients with a secure, non-intrusive, private way to get help. Your counselors can easily take chats and seamlessly escalate a chat to a specific counselor better suited to assist with a particular issue, if the situation warrants.