SightMax is a Highly Secured Chat Solution

Our security measures adhere to the highest possible and all the chat sessions are encrypted with a 256 bit SSL Certificate.

There are multiple ways to enhance security for your SightMax Installable Server:

1. You can secure your chats by having an SSL certificate installed for the website hosting the SightMax Webservices and use HTTPS in our chat javascripts.
2. Use HTTPS for both chat javascripts and Operator and Admin logins
3. Manage and restrict permissions of the SightMaxWebServices Virtual directory (what Operators will login to) in IIS; whitelist IP addresses (or IP classes, private IPs, etc)
4. Manage Operator’s permissions and passwords in the SightMax Admin Console; create and manage advanced Group Abilities
5. Enable the Purge feature to discard the data older than a set number of days
6. Place the chat button javascripts on members only pages
7. Understand that all communications will go through the SightMax Server and all communication will be encrypted, and all the data is stored in a SQL database residing on a private SQL Server (not facing the public).
8. SightMax Advanced Expression Engine can block credit cards, SSN numbers and more.

SightMax is capable of much more than guarding against foul language, this filter scans chats for sensitive information such as credit cards or social security numbers, and blocks the information from being displayed or saved in the database. Protect your visitors, your company and the sensitive information that you hold!

9. SightMax Single SignOn

SightMax has developed a new Single SignOn feature where your authenticated member’s session is verified before starting a new chat and SightMax will receive all the information regarding their account.

Please contact us for additional questions.