Virtual concierge
Send proactive chat invites, and co-browse the site to direct visitors to the information they need and promotional packages they want.
Save Money
Save on phone costs & improve response times – answer questions online immediately, efficiently and cost-effectively, freeing up phone lines for urgent calls.
Helping Hearing Impaired
We are the communication alternative for hearing impaired – empower students who may have difficulties communicating over the phone
Instant Messaging
Allow your employees to work as a team and assist in employee training

We have a solution that will work for you

Your website streams information, applications, and registration for current and prospective students. You have streamlined the paperwork, but now do the same for you website's online communications with SiteMax Live Chat.

Today many people are in search of the best web deal but most would still give that all up to work with an agent who was personal and trustworthy.

SightMax Live Chat gives you the opportunity to personally reach out to each and everyone of your website visitors. You can answer questions, provide information even “push” visitors to special promotions. Think of it as providing your visitors with their very own concierge!