Personal Assistance
Personal support only a click away – give your customers and members the one-on-one personal banking assistance they expect from a top institution.
Market Smart
Pay-per-click and keyword analysis – spend your marketing dollars on the words and phrases driving traffic to your site.
Save Money
Save on phone costs and improve response times – answer questions online immediately, efficiently and cost-effectively, freeing up phone lines.
Helping Hearing Impaired
We are the communication alternative for hearing impaired. Empower your customers and members who may have difficulties communicating over the phone.

We have a solution that will work for you

Financial institutions have been built on a solid foundation of great customer services and trust. Today the financial world has been pushed “online”… an environment that may often seem at odds with thatfoundation.

SightMax Live Chat offers a robust set of features that can put the personal touch in “online banking” and address the security issues that are always at the forefront when dealing with your business and the sensitive information that you hold. Secure, Reliable and Cost Effective.

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