Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our sales department by chat, phone or email if you have any questions.

15-day Risk-free Trial questions

Q. Is there a demo of SightMax I can download and test on my server? 

Yes, we offer a free 15 day risk free trial.

Q. What type of server do I need?

You need a Windows Server. Please read our system requirements for more information.

Q. If I don’t have a server to install SightMax on, can I still have a trial of SightMax Live Chat?

Yes, you can sign up for a free 7 day risk free trial of our SightMax Cloud trial. No credit cards needed.

Q. Are there any feature limitations in the free trial?

No, either trial version is fully functional.

Q. If I purchase during the trial period, do I have to reinstall or setup SightMax again?

On-Premises: No, you will simply need to register SightMax with a license key provided to you after purchasing.

Cloud: After placing an order you may continue with your existing account setup during the trial.

Q. What if I do not have a server?

No server? Simply signup for the SightMax Cloud 7 day free trial. You can add the chat code to your website footer and start testing it within minutes.

General SightMax questions

Q. What is SightMax? 

SightMax is a live website chat software program for Windows™ that provides live help, live support and live real-time website monitoring. SightMax allows for live person to live person website interaction.

Q. How much is SightMax?

SightMax Live Chat comes in two flavors, On-Premises and Cloud.

SightMax OPUS On-Premises Server is a one-time purchase starting at $299 for a one operator system. There are NO monthly fees. Click here for our complete pricing.

SightMax Cloud is hosted on our servers giving you the power of SightMax with the flexibility of month-to-month no contract plans. Read more about our SightMax Cloud pricing.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a risk free 30-Day money back guarantee. Get immediate results or we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Q. Is there a monthly fee?

That depends; SightMax Live Chat comes in two flavors. With the On-Premises option there is no monthly fee, if you choose to go with the Cloud option there is a monthly fee depending on the amount of operator licenses you choose.

Q. What programming language is SightMax written in?

Server Side:

The SightMax Server is written in C# using the .NET Framework 4.0 utilizing windows services as well as ASP.NET to provide a stable and scalable solution.

Client Side:

Uses open standard dynamic HTML technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and DOM. This allows your website visitors to utilize the services offered by the SightMax product without the need for any Java, .NET, plug-ins, or Active X.

Q. Is SightMax installed on our server or is it a hosted solution?

You can choose to purchase the software outright and install it on your servers, or you may go with the SightMax Cloud solution.

Q. What is an Operator? 

An operator is a customer service representative for your websites using SightMax. They handle all chats with website visitors. For example, if you own four operator licenses, you can have four concurrent operators logged into SightMax at any given time.

Q. Does SightMax provide operator representatives to answer my chats?

No, we do not provide human operator representatives.

Can one operator chat with multiple website visitors?

Yes, one operator can chat with as many live website visitors as they want.

Can multiple people share one operator account?

Yes, but only one operator can be logged in at one time for every operator license you own. For example, if you own four operator licenses you can have four operators concurrently logged into SightMax at any given time, whether to take chats, monitor the website traffic, run reports etc.

Do website visitors need to download any software in order to chat?

Visitors do NOT need to install Java or download an Active-X component in order to chat with a SightMax agent. Our HTML client ensures that SightMax will operate on all computers, making the chat process as easy as possible for your customers.

Can website visitors chat with each other?

No, SightMax is not built as a chat room software package. Only operators can chat with website visitors.

How do I know when a visitor wants to chat?

There are three notifications that are available: (1) You can setup a .wav file to play, (2) a window notification to pop up (similar to Windows Messenger™) and the (3) task bar to flash. You have the option to use any .wav file that you want for any notification.

What happens when no operators are available to chat? 

The website visitor is notified that there are no operators available and they have an option to leave a message. Operators have the option to set their ‘Away’ timeout so that if they are away from their desk for more than a specified amount of time, they will be set to ‘Away’ mode. This will prevent operators from forgetting to go offline after hours, resulting in website visitors waiting for an operator to answer when there are really none available.

Can I use SightMax on multiple websites? 

Yes, you can use SightMax on any number of websites on your network with NO additional fees for the SightMax On-Premises Server. Whether you have one site on your network or 1000, there’s never an additional fee to use SightMax on some or all of your sites. You have the ability to assign operators to any site and queue that you like.

The SightMax Cloud account comes with 1 website and 1 department, but you can add additional websites and departments.

Can I setup unlimited departments / queues?

On-Premises: You can setup as many departments/queues as you like no matter how many operators you have setup with NO additional fees.

Cloud: add a website for $10/month or add department for $5/month

What browsers are compatible with SightMax? 

SightMax works with any modern day browser that supports Javascript: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Are chat sessions automatically saved for later retrieval?

Yes, chat transcripts and past visitor navigation are automatically saved to a SQL database when the session is finished. Operators can share and view saved transcripts within their department as well as perform detailed searches in the transcripts.

Does SightMax work on a Linux server? 

The SightMax Server must be installed on a Windows server, but the actual websites you want to provide chat on can be on any server you like. You simply need to add the monitor and chat tags in the webpages. If you are in a Linux environment you can check out our SightMax Cloud hosted solution.

How do I implement the chat and real time monitoring features? 

There are two javascript tags that need to be placed inside your webpages: The chat and monitor tags. Both of these javascript tags are created automatically in the SightMax Administrator GUI for your convenience. It is that easy to implement live chat and real time monitoring.

Is there a SightMax reseller program? 

Yes, after your first purchase (at the full price) you will get 20% off of each additional purchase. Click HERE for more info.

After purchasing SightMax do I get free support and upgrades?

SightMax On-Premises: Yes, you will get 30 days of free support which includes free minor and major upgrades. You can also purchase the Annual Coverage so you will be able to receive technical support and software upgrades.

SightMax Cloud: We provide unlimited technical support via chat, phone and email.

Q. Is SightMax easy to setup and use?

Yes. The Administrator GUI and Operator GUI were both designed for the non-technical to advanced computer users. To add the chat feature, you simply need to add a small snippet of javascript code into the HTML of your webpages. If at any time you need assistance, support is free.

Q. Can I use my own MS SQL server?

SightMax On-Premises:you can host your own data on your own Microsoft SQL Server for the

SightMax Cloud: the data is hosted on our side on a secure private Microsoft SQL Server.

Q. How much disk space does SightMax use?

NOTE: The following are approximate numbers for the base install.

Server Side:

SightMax Server – ~210 MB

SightMax Database 2 MB

Operator Side:

Operator GUI – ~15 MB

The disk space required will continue to grow with the addition of new chat sessions being archived, canned responses being added, etc.

Q. Do I need to install SightMax on the same server where my websites are located?

No. After the SightMax server is installed, you will simply need to add a small snippet of javascript code into the HTML of your webpages to start using the chat feature.

Q. I have an internal and public website. Do I need to purchase two copies of SightMax?

No. You would only need one copy of SightMax as long as both websites can access the same central SightMax Server.

Q. Can I install the Operator GUI on any server in any location I want?

Yes, the Operator GUI can be installed on any Windows server where the operator that is accepting chats is located. This includes the ability to install it on a laptop and chat with website visitors in a remote location.

Q. Can the SightMax Server be installed on Windows 2000 Pro or XP?

No, because Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP are not designed as a commercial webserver. The connection limit is set to a maximum number of 10 concurrent connections at one time. Unlimited connections are available with Windows 2000 Server and above.

SightMax Features

Q. Can I add the chat button to my email signature?

Yes. You can add the chat icon to all of your outgoing emails to allow customers to instantly chat with you.

Q. Can I instant message other operators that are online?

Yes, you can instant message any operator that is logged into SightMax. You can also view past instant message sessions with that operator in just a click.

Q. Can I push website visitors to different URL’s during a chat session? 

Yes, you can push a visitor to any URL during a chat session.

Q. Can I add a chat button and real time monitoring to my auction pages on Ebay™? 

Yes, you can easily add the SightMax chat button to your Ebay™ auction pages. However, you cannot add the monitor tag because Ebay™ does not allow javascript tags to be placed into their webpages.

Q. Can I setup ‘canned’ response for commonly asked questions?

Yes, there are system wide and personal canned responses that can be setup. An operator can add as many personal canned responses as they like. Implementation is just as easy. Simply create a canned response and choose it from a drop down or use a hot key (ex. F1) to trigger it. Administrators can also setup system wide canned responses that all operators have access too.

Q. Can I see what URL’s and keywords visitors used in a search engine to find my site? 

Yes. You can see the referrer URL as well as what search engine and keywords a visitor used to get to your website. The referrer URL, search engine and keywords are easily visible in the Operator GUI. With this detailed information, you can opt to spend more money with Google than Overture if you see that Google is giving you a better ROI (Return-on-investment), and increase your site traffic with customers that you wish to attract.

Can I send an invite to chat to website visitors? 

Yes. You can right click on any session in the real-time monitoring window to pop up an invitation graphic on the visitor’s browser. This graphic is fully customizable.

Chat Buttons and Chat Window

Q. Are the chat buttons and chat windows fully customizable for every department?

Yes. The chat buttons are customizable for every department/queue (ex. sales, support) that you have setup. The chat windows are also fully customizable for every website you are running SightMax on. The chat window is in HTML so you can change the colors, layout, add your company logo and graphics, etc.

Q. Can I have multiple chat buttons for different departments on the same page? 

Yes. For example, you could have a chat button for support and one strictly for sales. Each could have their own look and feel. This is great for customer service because it allows for first time visitors to chat with a qualified sales agent immediately and for current customers to speak directly to a support representative. This ensures your customers that they will be chatting to the qualified agent for their specific needs.

Q. How do I add the chat buttons to my webpages? 

The Operator GUI automatically creates the javascript code for each department/queue that you setup. You will then take that snippet of javascript and place it into your webpages you want to offer the chat feature.

Internet Connections, Firewalls and Performance

Q. What kind of internet connection do I have to have in order to run SightMax? 

You need a dedicated high speed connection such as DSL, cable modem or a commercial class connection such as a T1.

Are SightMax chat sessions secure? 

If you use a “secure” service (ex. Verisign, GoDaddy), then SightMax will be secure as long as the chat is taking place on an https:// page.

Is SightMax firewall friendly?

Yes. SightMax uses port 80 and/or 443 (SSL), which is the standard port for browsing to websites, thus eliminating almost all firewall issues that may occur.

How much memory does SightMax use?

Typically, the memory usage is quite low because, by design, SightMax is dynamically managed by .NET and therefore is not a memory intensive application.

Q. Will SightMax slow down my server? 

No. Many customers install SightMax on their webserver and experience no slowdown with their server. Because SightMax does not use many resources it is a very efficient and fast.

Q. Will SightMax slow down my website? 

No. In most cases, the SightMax code is added to the footer of the website so it will be the last thing loading on your website, so it won’t interfere with your website page load.