Save Money
Save on sales and support costs –answer questions online immediately, efficiently and cost-effectively.
Connect Quicker
Increase conversion rates – customers are much more likely to click on a “Live Chat” button than they are to search for a phone number
Market Smarts
Pay-per-click and keyword analysis – spend your marketing dollars on the words and phrases driving traffic to your site
Internal Instant Messaging
Allow your employees to work as a team and assist in employee training.

We have a solution that will work for you

Great customer service, personal rapport, and “knowing” what your customer is looking for before they see it is the foundation for building a strong customer base and loyalty.

SightMax Live Chat gives your operators the information and tools to become the best personal shoppers. Visitor details like; who are they, where have they been and what are they searching for are fed directly into the operator allowing you to answer questions, proactively chat and even “push” customers to the merchandise they are looking for.