Connect Quicker
Personal support only a click away – give those in need as well as would-be benefactors one-on-one personal assistance
Save Money
Improve response times and save on phone costs – answer questions online immediately, leaving phone lines open for emergencies.
Helping Hearing Impaired
We are the communication alternative for hearing impaired. Empower your visitors who may have difficulties communicating over the phone
Internal Instant Messaging
Allow all of your departments to work cooperatively, as a team, to assist those in need.

We have a solution that will work for you

Armed with visitor analytics like; “who and what are they looking at” you can proactively deliver the information and assistance that visitors are looking for. Deliver immediate answers with a personal touch, “push” visitors to helpful information, and provide them with someone to “listen”.

Establish a connection with would be contributors to secure the donations necessary to continue to help others. SightMax Live Chat connects you with contributors and the people in need.