SightMax 508 Compliance

SightMax is striving to meet all current guidelines for compliance with Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. – 794d) and ADA Guidelines. By addressing Section 508 access standards, SightMax ensures that users with vision, hearing or mobility disabilities gain greater access to the Internet. SightMax is designed to work with standard assistive technology hardware (such as specialty keyboards and Braille readers), as well as operating system technologies (such as stickykeys and mousekeys).

SightMax has selected Freedom Scientifics’ JAWS Version as the baseline to test assistive technology software screen reader products.

To ensure access, SightMax has added the following features to its products:

” All chat window capabilities are accessible through the keyboard

” All images on the chat window, proactive invitations and buttons use alternative text tags

” All frames on the chat window use title fields

” All form fields use explicit labels

” All script elements provide no script alternatives

We are committed to extend accessibility options in our future SightMax versions.