About SightMax

Letter from the President


Born into a family of entrepreneurs with over 100 years of business ownership, I always knew I would start my own business. And, that is exactly what I did in 1992 with the genesis of SmartMax Software. My endless obsession with technology fueled my first foray into software development in 1992, with the birth of the award-winning Excalibur BBS (Bulletin Board System) for Windows.

Initially, Excalibur BBS was just an idea I floated on the Web to test the waters. However, hours after the teaser went out, my first sales call came in at 3:00AM from South Africa. Not only did the guy love the idea, he begged me to sell him the software – still in its infancy – even providing a credit card for on-the-spot payment. Excalibur BBS went on to become the world’s first graphical Windows-based bulletin board system. Its success fanned the flames of creativity that still drive me to create, design and develop software. There’s nothing better than actualizing an idea that fills a niche and excites our clients!

Our team is important and we are committed to their needs. It is important that they know their efforts do not go unnoticed and are incredibly appreciated. We encourage a positive workplace and emphasize from inception to creative; development to coding; testing and delivery; it is our team efforts that result in sales and satisfied, happy clients.


Eric Weber, President

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