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  • Realtime Analytics
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Live Ticketing
  • Social Media Enabled

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Who We Are

It is imperative that SmartMax, as a company, be fair and provide great value to our clients. This mindset and commitment is the reason SmartMax has been in business for over two decades. Our premiere Live Chat and Monitoring solution, SightMax, has taken center stage with stellar client retention and 100% polled, positive feedback.

We are doing something right! Read on to find out how our Live Chat and Monitoring solution, SightMax, can help you deliver first-class customer service, prosper and succeed.

  • Realtime Chat & Monitoring

    Imagine your sales and support professionals delivering immediate responses to your customers questions in real-time. Great customer service turns traffic into profits and customer loyalty.

  • Peek Messaging

    Peek Messaging displays characters, real-time as they are typed. This conversation “peek”, allows operators to prepare answers AS visitors type, saving precious seconds, and improving response times.

  • new inline chat window

    New Floating “DIV” Style Inline Chat Window with Advanced Pro Active Chat Capabilities. The new chat window enables the Operators to start forced chats without he Visitor without any chat invites. The Visitor can navigate on your website without having their chat ended.

  • Google Translation

    On-the-Fly language translation “Powered by Google” enables operators to chat in their native language with visitors that are chatting in a completely different language. SightMax acts as the middle-man and does all the translation. 52 languages currently supported.

  • nSight Reporting Engine

    Our realtime reporting allows operators instant access reporting graphs, customizable data grids allowing you to “massage” reporting data exactly how you want to see it; it’s the only realtime reporting engine in the industry.

  • Twitter/Facebook integration

    The first live chat product that’s “Social Media” enabled. This full integration allows you to write “posts” or “tweet” directly from your Operator Console or, answer questions received on your Facebook “wall” or through your Twitter account. Being “social” was never so easy.

  • Word Filtering

    Capable of much more than guarding against foul language, this filter scans chats for sensitive information, and blocks the information from being displayed or saved in the database. Protect your visitors, your company and the sensitive information that you hold!

  • Campaign Conversion Tracking

    Track campaign URLs – like your Google Adwords or, create Chat campaigns, where visitors are “pushed” to a URL during a chat. Monitor campaigns facets like; cost-per-click, duration, and much more.